Tiger Bay
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She’s just too weird to be sexy….
— overheard at a performance

Hey, I’m Tiger Bay!

I’m a multi-faceted weirdo and Miss Coney Island 2017 who loves telling stories within the medium of burlesque. I perform in New York City and regularly tour with Fancy Feast, Evelyn DeVere and Porcelain as the Wham Bam Glitter Glam Show. Check my calendar to see where I’m appearing next!

I was a featured artist at the 2018 Nerdlesque Festival and my awards include the 2018 Savannah Burlesque Festival “Chicken and Waffles Award” (with Fancy Feast), the 2016 AlternaTEASE “WTF” Award, the 2015 New York Burlesque Festival “Huh?” Golden Pastie Award, and two White Elephant Burlesque Silver Tusks (Class Clown 2017 and Comic Genius 2018). I also performed in the “Best Debut” category at the 2018 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend.

I hope you like it here! Thanks for supporting my art.



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